Grain Threshers
We have Grain threshing machines that are used to thresh and clean harvested rice, soybean and guinea-corn by dislodging the seeds from the panicles.

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We fabricate two types of winnowers/cleaners which are used in the cleaning of threshed grains i.e. rice, soybean, guinea- corn, beni-seed and millet.

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Rice Processing Machineries
This set of machinery produces high quality parboiled milled rice. The set comprises the Wet cleaning system and Parboilers...

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Vegetable Oil Processing Machineries
These set of machinery processes vegetable seeds such as groundnut, soybean, beniseed, castor seed etc into oils and cakes...

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Poultry Feed Production Machineries
These set of machinery produce poultry feeds by grinding recommend cereals or grains and mixing them with other ingredients...

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Who We are

Desfabeng Company Limited was established in order to solve the problem of farmers by developing efficient and affordable agricultural and allied machines.

The company also engages in design and development of farms and farm structures. The Company has designed and fabricated several machines and equipment that are currently utilized by farmers, private and government organizations.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to be very efficient service provider on agro-mechineries and other allied activities to the various tiers of government and the private sector in Nigeria and Africa.

Our Mission is to provide effective professional services that would impact positively on the development and activities of small and medium scale agric and agric related business ventures.

Our Objectives

Our Objectives are:

  • To assist small and medium scale enterprises proffer solution to their technical, planning and managerial problems.
  • To provide services and also partner with governments, international organisations, the private sector in project identification, development implantation and monitoring.
  • To design and carry out policy relevant studies with particular interest on rural development policies and strategies