Bakery Equipments:

These are equipments used for processing wheat flour into baked products such as breads, cakes and biscuits. They include:

  1. Flour Mixer: This machine mixes ingredients such as flour, yeast, salt, sugar, margarine, coconut powder etc for baking of bread, cakes or biscuits.

    Description: This is is made up of stainless basin, stirrer and power unit. The basin rotates and the stirrer rotate at different speeds and at opposite directions to each other for the mixing to be effective.

    Performance indices and Specifications:

    • Capacity ( Mass of flour}= 1,500 kg per day
    • Mixing efficiency = 98 %
    • Speed of basin = 15 rpm
    • Speed of stirrer = 65 rpm
    • Duration for one batch (25kg) of flour = 25 mins
    • Discharge time for dough = 2 mins
    • Power requirement for rotary basin - electr
    • ic motor = 7. 5 HP
    • Power requirement for stirrer = 10 HP


    • Use of stainless materials for the basin

  2. Flour Kneading Machine: This machine kneads the mixed flour to form dough with the aid of two stainless rollers moving at opposite directions and at differential speeds.

    Description: This machine is essentially comprised of two (upper and lower) rollers that are driven by a diesel engine and a gearbox. The upper roller is linked to the lower one with two plane gears such that they move at differential speeds. A tray is provided immediately below the trays to provide a retention platform for the flour for the kneading process.

    Features and Specifications:

    • Capacity ( Mass of flour) = 1,000 kg per day
    • kneading efficiency = 95 %
    • Speed of Upper roller = 85 rpm
    • Speed of Upper roller = 60 rpm
    • Duration for kneading one batch (25kg) of flour = 20 mins
    • Discharge time for dough = 1 min
    • Power requirement – diesel engine = 8 HP


    • Use of stainless materials for the retention tray
    • Use of stainless materials for the two rollers
    • Protective guide for operators safety

  3. Steam tube Oven: The oven bakes bread by using reinforced steel tubes to transfer heat from the furnace to the baking section

    Description: This is basically made up of two sections: Furnace and baking. The furnace is constructed with bricks provides space for burning of firewood, diesel burner or gas to supply heat energy to the baking unit through series of reinforced pipes. The baking section is divided into four chambers which is constructed with mild steel sheets and lagged with rock -wool insulators. It accommodates bread for baking with the help of heat energy transferred to it through the reinforced pipes that lined up the top and bottom of each chamber.

    Performance indices and specifications :

    • Capacity ( Mass of flour) = 2,000 kg per day
    • Loading capacity for one cycle = 200 kg
    • Heat insulation efficiency = 88%
    • Heat transfer efficiency from furnace to baking section = 92%
    • Baking efficiency = 99 %
    • Average baking time for one cycle = 35 mins
    • Discharge time for one cycle = 20 mins


    • Minimal emission of heat to the environment
    • Efficient heat utilization efficiency