Rice Processing Machineries

This set of machinery produces high quality parboiled milled rice. The set comprises the following equipment:

  1. Wet cleaning system: This equipment cleans paddy before parboiling by using water as a medium to separate the impurities from the paddy.

    Description: It is a cylindrical vessel having removable stirring assembly and drain valves. Cleaning is done by introducing winnowed rice in batches into the vessel containing water. Impurities that float on the water are removed with a plastic mesh.

    Performance indices and Specifications:

    • Capacity = 2000kg per day
    • Cleaning efficiency = 98%
    • Seed retention efficiency = 99%
    • Whole seed (non damage) Percentage =100%
    • Approximate R.P.M of stirrer = 60


    • Stainless cylindrical vessel
    • Detachable stirrer for easy discharge of cleaned rice

  2. Parboilers : This equipment pre-treats rice using hot water and steam before milling in order to obtain higher total milling yield, head rice recovery and improve the cooking and storage qualities of rice.

    Description: This equipment is comprised of two units: boiler and soaking/steaming chambers.

    Features and Specifications:

    • Capacities = 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg and 5,000kg per day
    • Parboiling efficiency = 99%
    • Percentage white belly = less than 1%
    • Steaming duration = 30- 45 minutes
    • Source of heat = Firewood, oil burner and gas


    • Material for boiler construction is 3mm mild steel plate
    • Heat exchangers fitted into boiler for higher heat utilization efficiency
    • Bricks oven for firing of boiler
    • Self controlled pressure relief system on boiler
    • Stainless 2mm steel sheet for soaking and steaming vessels

  3. Rotary dryer: The machine dries grains such as paddy rice, parboiled paddy rice, soybeans, maize, millet, guinea-corn, groundnuts etc to appropriate moisture levels.

    Description: The dryer uses steam raised in a boiler as heat energy to dry agricultural materials. The steam is transferred through pipe into the rotary drying chamber powered by electric motor. The steam is channelled into the steam jacket through a central pipe and distributed to the steam pipes which act as heat exchangers. The whole drum is insulated with rockwool to minimise heat loss. Drying is accomplished in two passes with a tempering period between the passes.

    Features and Specifications:

    • Capacity = 1000kg, 3000 and 5000kg per day
    • Drying efficiency = 95%
    • Seed discharging efficiency = 99%
    • Seed drying period for first pass = 2hrs 30mins
    • Seed drying period for second pass = 2hrs
    • Minimum seed tempering duration between the two passes = 4hrs
    • Revolution per minute of rotary drum = 8 rpm
    • Electric motor power requirement = 15HP
    • Gearbox power requirement = 15HP
    • Power requirement for dryer fan = 0.5HP
    • Air flow rate of dryer fan = .12m3/sec


    • Efficient self discharging mechanism
    • Efficient auto grain raking mechanism with the aid of louvers
    • Incorporation of steam condensate outlet
    • Even drying of grains
    • Ability to load dryer while in working

  4. Rice Mill: This machine de-husks and polishes both raw and parboiled rice and effectively separates the various physical fractions of the grain.

    Description:The mill uses steel roller rotating inside an external steel cylinder to de-husk parboiled or un-parboiled paddy rice. Removal of the husk is made possible by the incorporation of screens at the lower half of the external steel cylinder. An aspirator attached at one end of the machine assist in evacuating the husks while a fan at the exit of the milled rice blows away rice bran and light impurities.

    Features and Specifications:

    • Capacity = 5,000kg per day
    • Milling efficiency = 99%
    • Cleaning efficiency = 97%
    • Seed retention efficiency = 98%
    • Percentage total milled rice recovery compared to standard = 98%
    • Percentage head rice recovery compared to standard =96%
    • Husk throwing distance from machine = 10m
    • Revolution per minute (R.P.M) of milling cylinder = 750
    • Revolution per minute (R.P.M) of aspirator = 2,500
    • Power requirement (diesel engine) = 15HP


    • Incorporation of an aspirator to siphon or evacuate the husks
    • Lower milled rice grain temperature due to cooling effect by the aspirator
    • Longer lifespan of milling parts due to cooling effect provided by the aspirator
    • Cleaner milled rice due to external bran and impurities blower

  5. Grader/Cleaner: This machine cleans and separates rice into various sizes according to degree of brokenness.

    Description:This is comprised of a reciprocatory screen unit and a blower. Three screens of varying sizes set at different inclination angles reciprocate to enable milled rice to be graded as they pass through the screens. In the process of grading the rice into broken and whole grains, sand and rice bran are separated with the aid of the combined effect of the screens and air current provided by the blower.

    Features and Specifications:

    • Capacity = 6,500kg per day
    • Grading efficiency = 85%
    • Cleaning efficiency = 98%/li>
    • Seed retention efficiency = 99%
    • Whole seed (non damage) Percentage =100%
    • Impurities throwing distance from machine = 2.5m
    • Power requirement (diesel engine or electric motor) = 2- 5HP
    • Air flow rate of winnowing fan = 0.35m3/sec
    • Reciprocatory speed of screen= 0.18m/sec


    • Adjustable air flow rates to suit cleaning of different grains
    • Simplicity in the design of the reciprocatory system
    • Low power consumption